New for 2022


Pitchy Breath is excited to announce an important creative initiative to support our Community Outreach Programme.

We are encouraging new and emerging writers with a series of devising workshops designed to create bold new drama from new or pre-formed ideas.

Our workshop sessions include an experienced team of writers, directors and actors who will help to develop your idea into a compelling stage show which will be showcased as part of our forthcoming show programme.

Forthcoming workshops include:

True Stories Told Live

Have you got a compelling story that needs to be told?

Then this workshop is for you. Working with our team we’ll help you with forming the arc of your story for maximum impact. Then we’ll coach you to present your piece to a live audience.

Music in Drama

When and how to use music in drama

A workshop designed to help directors and writers understand the role of music in drama. We’ll be looking at the do’s and don’ts when choosing music together with the role of it can play in enhancing the meaning and mood of a drama.

Monologue Masterclass

How to create and perform engaging solo work

Monologues are a powerful dramatic device allowing the audience to get an intimate understanding of a character’s thoughts and intentions. Here we look at some great examples and devise our own for future performance. 

Collaboration Class

Get back in the sandpit with like-minded creatives

A series of Monday night workshops designed to unleash your inner creative. We use a combination of improv games, music and movement to create…well, who knows what? No rules, no agenda…just a safe space to create something new.

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