Tis Pity She’s a Whore

Giovanni and Annabella are brother and sister. Living apart, but viewing each other through the distorted filters of social media where the rules and morality of society don’t apply.  But what happens when the online world collides with cold, hard reality? And what are the consequences when hidden secrets are brought into the light?

Produced with support from Crawley Borough Council and MCD Construction.


with Tim Fifield

How to create and perform
engaging solo work

Monologues are a powerful dramatic device allowing the audience to get an intimate understanding of a character’s thoughts and intentions. Here we look at some great examples and devise our own for future performance.

You will:

  • Discover exactly what a monologue is and how it’s used.
  • Understand the role of the monologue as a dramatic device.
  • Take a deep dive into some famous and not-so-famous examples.
  • Learn how to devise and perform your own monologue.
  • Get the chance to perform your monologue in one of our Pitchy Pop-up Performances


I DO NOT, a new play by Elodie Foray


for I DO NOT

The show and cast were absolutely wonderful and we had a brilliant evening.

Jack Brown
Just a quick line to say how much I enjoyed the show on Tuesday night – great fun and clearly the cast were also having a ball being back on stage after so long away.
Dave WatmoreGeneral Manager - The Hawth

It was a joy. I laughed throughout, it had frothiness but also a bite. Smart staging, never lost clarity on the action despite the number of characters and dynamics playing out. Some great comic timing and little details in the performances. The cast all brought it.

Paul MacauleyAudience

“Bloody brilliant!”

Niki May BlaneAudience

“Absolutely superb, such modern colloquial writing and beautifully directed and performed – haven’t laughed so much in ages, was just the kind of evening I needed, thanks so much to all involved!”

Ali BondAudience

“Comedies like this don’t come around very often. If you can make it, don’t miss it, its Hilarious!! Brilliant writing and amazing acting!!”

Chris MorleyAudience

“We loved it, had such a good laugh – what a talented bunch you are.”

Victoria ChesterAudience

“Absolutely loved it! Such great casting, every single performance was spot on. Such a joy, it was obvious the cast loved performing this play. Wonderful evening.”

Christine TebbuttAudience

We are Pitchy Breath Theatre Company


So here we are, a non-professional theatre company serving the good people of Sussex and Surrey with a diverse range of new writing and classical theatre all from our base at the rather excellent Hawth Theatre in Crawley, West Sussex.

Since 1995 we’ve been telling stories in bold new ways, whether they be through our active new writers forum or fresh takes on the classics. Over the years we’ve worked with a huge range of talented actors, directors, writers and stage crew many of whom have pursued successful professional careers.

In 2020 we became a CIC with a core team headed up by Rachel Duke and Tim Fifield.

If you’re interested in joining a theatre group whose storytelling is bold, limitless and new, get in touch today.


Calling all actors, stage crew, set designers and production managers…if you’re looking for an opportunity to work with us on this ambitious production get in touch via our FaceBook Event page right now.