About this play

William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar is a blistering political thriller, as relevant today as ever. With its exploration of absolute power and creeping dictatorship, now is the perfect time to revisit this play. Pitchy Breath Theatre Company are doing just that in this fast paced, modern dress, gender blind adaptation that brings this historical play firmly up to date, whilst still retaining the glorious language of our greatest writer.

Playing dates
14 & 15 November 2017 at The Hawth Studio Theatre, Crawley
18 November 2017 at Lingsfield and Dormansland Community Centre
19 November 2017 at The Capitol Studio Theatre, Horsham

Show Credits

Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Gary Andrews
Assistant Direction by Bradley Barlow
Lighting Design and Technical Operation by Philip Burke
Stage Management by Mandy Masters and Melanie Stowell

Dedicated to Joy Andrews


Lauren Morley as Julia Caesar
Elodie Bass as Gaia Cassius
Jon Day as Marcus Brutus
Ben Andrew as Marc Antony
Ella Sowton as Portia / Volumnia
Sally Gilgeours as Calpurnia / Strato
Sophie Waddington as Casca / 1st Senator
Rachel Duke as Cicero / Lucilia
Nick Duke as Decius Brutus / 3rd Senator / Clitus
Mark Dobson as Flavius / Metellus Cimber / 4th Senator / Dardanius
Alex Macfarlane as Marullus / Caesar’s servant / Octavius
Bradley Barlow as Cinna / Lepidus
Keir Gilbert-Halladey as Cinna the Poet / Titinius
Rory Kingston-Lynch as Poplius / Messala / 2nd Commoner
Charlotte Killeen as Trebonia / 2nd Senator
Charlotte Lacey as Soothsayer / Pindarus
Steven Taylor as Lucius / 1st Commoner
Sofia Wilson as Marc Antony’s PA
Kate Palmer as Artemidorus
Marc Thompson as Police Officer / Soldier
Police / Citizens / Soldiers played by members of the cast