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There are moments in life where people take a risk, stir up trouble or behave recklessly and the results can be profound, humorous and heart breaking. There are other moments when we just sit back, play with matches and watch the flames flicker.

Pitchy Breath Theatre Company present a series of short plays about risky decisions, troublemakers and the consequences of our actions.

8 & 9 November 2016 at The Hawth Studio Theatre, Crawley

12 November 2016 at The Capitol, Horsham

Show Credits

Produced by Bradley Barlow

Stage Managed by Dodie Browne

Playing with Fire - Risky Business

Risky Business

by Rob Taylor

Napoleon (Bonepart, of France, famous military leader) is having a bad week. So too is Myvanwy (Prosser, of Fishguard, not so famous washer woman). But just what do they have to do with each other, and how did Myvanwy manage to save Wales from the French and improve her washing in the process?

Show Credits

Directed by Jo Ord


Rachel Duke as Brieux/Myfanwy

Elodie Foray as Napoleon

Alice Jackson as Tate

Lauren Morley as Jemima

Ella Sowton as Conor

Sophie Waddington as Trevor

Chasing Cars

by Jerrard Moore

Hugo’s life is falling apart around him and he will do anything to get it back but even life as a no win no fee lawyer has a price to pay.

Show Credits

Directed by Jerrard Moore & Bradley Barlow
Music and Lyrics by Mark Shields & Jerrard Moore


Rachel Duke as Shop Owner

Sally Gilgeours as Pigeon

Rebecca Kent as Cake Lady

Alex Taylor as Bailiff

Steven Taylor as Young Man

Craig Wayland as Hugo

Peter Westmacott as Mr Suit

Playing with Fire - That Night

That Night

by Bradley Barlow, Elodie Foray, Alice Jackson and Ella Sowton

Following an assault, three friends must decide whose version of events they believe and how far they’re willing to go to support one another.

Show Credits

Directed by Bradley Barlow


Elodie Foray as Bea

Alice Jackson as Caitlin

Ella Sowton as Amelia

Playing with Fire - All Shook Up

All Shook Up

by Charlie Joseph

Life as a lookalike is not easy, especially when you find yourself kidnapped by a wannabe rap star hell bent on revenge…

Show Credits

Directed by Tim Fifield


Liam Cooper as Ollie

James Macauley as Joel

Sonia Moir as Sharon

Lauren Morley as Jasmine

Craig Wayland as Alfie