Writers LAB

Pitchy Breath aims to nurture new writing talent and tell stories in innovative, provocative and fearless ways. To do this, we offer four services.

  • Workshops to help writers develop their skills and generate ideas for new work (launching Summer 2017)
  • Reading service to provide constructive feedback on writers’ plays
  • Support and advice to further develop submitted scripts that we believe have potential
  • Performance of developed scripts, from tryout nights at smaller venues through to full productions as part of our annual performance cycle
  • Workshops

    Launching Soon

    Our workshops will be held every other month and led by experienced writers that have worked with Pitchy Breath in the past. Each workshop will have a different theme and will be all-inclusive, from beginners who have never written before to more experienced writers looking to refine their skills.

    Reading service

    Pitchy Breath has a pool of readers with experience of writing or reading scripts who will offer constructive feedback on received scripts. Readers will provide a one page report outlining:

  • the script’s strengths
  • areas for improvement
  • suggested plan of action for next steps
  • There is no guarantee that Pitchy Breath will take scripts beyond the reading service but readers will be looking out for texts that we may be keen to develop further.

    If you would like to submit your script to be read, please email it as a PDF or Word (.doc) file to pitchybreath@gmail.com

    Support and advice

    We want to create bold, limitless, new theatre and our Reading Service will be on the lookout for scripts that have potential for developing further. This will normally take the form of reading further drafts or inviting our performers to workshop the script with the writer and an appointed director.


    Pitchy Breath are expanding the traditional meaning of performance – from rehearsed readings in a pub function room, to live online performances, right through to full touring productions in professional studio theatres – the possibilities are endless.

    We can’t promise that all submitted scripts will get to this point but we’re determined to support your development as a writer.