The Diversity of Pitchy – My Motley Year

Charlie Joseph recounts his year at Pitchy

2014 saw Pitchy Breath offer up three productions that were as different to each other as chalk and cheese (and a third object, dissimilar to both chalk and cheese) and I was lucky enough to be involved in the trinity with a similar variety of roles.

Previous to last year I had acted in 9 Pitchy productions, my first at the tender age of nine. As the old cliché goes, you get out what you put in, and at PB, it’s no exception. I had always wanted to try my hand at directing and upon discovering the next show in the spring would be the third instalment in the series of Shorts (the first two I had immensely enjoyed as an audience member), I thought this a perfect opportunity to test the waters with something a little less daunting. Read more